Climate Change

This is New England, damn it! Although Climate change advocates may forsee us having the climate of North Carolina later this century, please do not visit in late January with Aloha shirts, flip flops, and cut-offs. In winter, wooly socks are still required.

In addition, no paragon of stylish attire should venture into the slushy, ice, and snow mix we call a Winter Wonderland without heavy boots. Traditionalists still prefer the product made (in Maine, of course) by LL Bean.

Yes, other parts of the North American continent have rotten winters. But we’ve put a patent on the atmosphere of being snowbound in a small folksy New England village. You know, hardy “Yankee” determination to fight against the elements. As the level of snow rises, the wind howls louder, and the thermometer drops, we are supposed to grow more determined. We like to show our true grit and determination… saying things like, “Well, it’s not as bad as ’78. Now that was a bad winter.” or, ” it’s only three feet; why I remember when we had snow up to the second floor.”

The problem is the solstice has come, and not only is the ground bare where I am, but most of the country has had real winter while we’ve had mild temperatures.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want people saying, New England? It’s kind of like North Carolina but in the north.

Keep your flip-flops, cut-offs, and Aloha shirts packed. This is New England, and we’ll be putting our “Yankee” determination to work on finding a solution to this problem. Northern North Carolina doesn’t do it.

8 Replies to “Climate Change”

  1. This was funny. Yes, we Floridians can recall all the major hurricanes **yes, but during Ivan we were without water for 7 days.** BTW, our temps are going down into the 20’s this weekend. What the heck do we do with the new flip-flops that are wrapped and under the tree?! 😆🎄🎁

    1. You know that that class of people we term “snowbirds” are in a quandary because they no longer think that Florida is a “safe” place to retire. But if we do become Northern North Carolina You can bring your flip flops with you beacuse it’ll be toasty. Of course your native NJ will be like Belize and you can drink rum punch all day long.

  2. Ha! Twenty-three years in Central Maine, I’ve lived through many N’or easters and ice storms! Still have my Bean Boots, even being stuck down here in NC. And as a Yankee stuck in the South, N. Carolina has nothing on New England!

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