My wife and I’ll be celebrating Valentine’s Day late. Unfortunately, it seems both our work schedules will be in opposition, with me covering a school committee meeting in the evening and her working that night. The fates have decided to punish us.
She did receive her present earlyβ€”a pair of handmade cherry hair sticks. We also managed to carve out a sentimental hug session after dinner. Our adult live-in children are in their rooms on their computers, and the cat and dog are occupied with their nefarious schemes to conquer the world a la Pinky and the Brain.
Sometimes it feels like, thanks to our schedules; we’ve hit the dregs, but a little cuddle with your sweetie goes a long way towards dispelling those feelings.

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  1. My wife is up and playing with the dog – she is” mom who can do no wrong”, the cat will soon start agitating for dinner. After a hard day of napping and playing they are ready for their rewards!

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