Max: “The kitty told me to bring a full box home. They are sooooo fuzzy.”
Dad: ” They are as rambunctious as you. Not exactly what we need around the house.”
Max: ” But dad, the kitty said that after they grow up, they would…what’s the word she used…augment her food supply.”
Dad: “Hey, Max, want to go to the toy aisle and see what they have for good dogs?”
A tug, pulls on the leash and lurch to the other side of the Tractor Supply Store. No chicks were harmed in writing this post.

2 Replies to “Chicks”

  1. It was Max’s first experience with chicks, and it was wild seeing his reaction once he realized that they were small, fuzzy and making noise. Everyone laughed. A couple were getting a full box load, and Max wanted get right next to them. But I don’t want chickens. We have fisher cars, raccoons, foxes, and the odd bobcat in the area.

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