So much turgid frippery! Yours truly; Forever Yours, Love, and the ever insipid Sincerly. I’m talking valedictions here. We append those meaningless snatches of aphoristic doggerel to our emails, letters, and messages.
I mean, come on! Speak them aloud – you know, audition the darned things. Say it: “Yours Truly.” HOW BLAND!
You’ve just written a nasty letter of resignation pointing out old pointy head’s flaws, and you end it with Sincerely? What drivel. Give it a shot of hot stuff – “Here’s wishing you fall into a pit full of pungee stakes!”

A love letter deserves more than – Forever Yours. But, a shot of pizzazz is needed to make it worthy of the froth of emotions you’ve just poured out. How about ” always with great lust!”; or “seeing you in my erotic dreams.” You get the picture.

Well, my job is done here; you get the idea.

So, as Tigger says TTFN – tata for now.

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