A New Apprentice?

Pendant-style hooks hold many old patterns and tools in the carving shop. Today they provided a perch for this young woodpecker.
I found it flattering that a young fellow woodworker had dropped in to observe how humans do it. But I firmly told it I did not need an apprentice, even if it only wanted sunflower seeds and suet for pay.

The last thing I need is a flock of birds showing up looking to drill holes in wood, hunt for seeds, and generally mooch around. Human apprentices are trouble enough.

4 Replies to “A New Apprentice?”

  1. Did you run this possible new-hire by the head of HR–Xenia? I think the final decision should be hers. Think of all the wonderful lunch meetings they could have together.

    1. I warned Woody that he might be working with a cat, It didn’t seem to bother him. Xenia wanted him to come in for a pre-employment physical, but his mother was calling him back of lunch…he was still very young.

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