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Write about a random act of kindness you’ve done for someone.

I have much more in “I owe” than in “I’ve given.”
Over the years of a desperately poor youth on the road, I frequently survived on small gifts and “investments for the future.”One frequent giver admonished me not to think about paying it back to him but to pay it forward to others.

One of the ways I pay forward is with gifts of carvings, spoons, spatulas, cutting boards, and bowls. I’ve also given away some quarterboard carvings, canes, and other items in stock. Being that these items are functional and practical, they have reasonably immediate effects on the recipients. They also last, so the gift keeps giving through long-term use. While I always give to family and friends, I also gift random people I meet at craft and boat shows. I sometimes get asked why I would give some of these things away. My reply is that I do it because I can. Craftspeople should be generous with their gifts, Most of us have not been gifted with wealth, but we have been given the talent to produce useful and lovely items. We should share with others.

At its most optimal expression, a gift is an expression of goodwill from one person to another. When I see a person at a show who appreciates something I’ve created, I am sometimes moved to gift them with it. The look of pleasure on their face is my reward, and I know that the present will not be another gimcrack they’ll sweep away during a kitchen reorganization.

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  1. This is probably my favorite response of the day for this prompt. I am an artist and wordsmith. I do not like to ask others to “buy” my items because I had once been so low in life, that I too needed monetary gifts to make it to the next week. My family and support system have been so kind to me, so I often gift them with personalized art to show them my appreciation. I often submit pieces to charity auctions as a way to give back to others in similar situations. I don’t call it kindness, necessarily, but rather paying-it-forward.

  2. I read this, loving those spoons and shortly before read something about how honey is not supported by metal spoons. I don’t know for certain if that is true but on seeing this, started my hunt for good wooden teaspoons to use for putting honey into tea cups. My daughter drinks tea with honey daily. I loved the idea of it. Like you with your wooden gifts, I love to give things I’ve made to those I know will appreciate them. The list is endless but is also a wonderful outlet for the creative endeavors that could become quite the stockpile. Sorry it took me so long to dig my way out of that rabbit hole. They call it ADD now. 🙂

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