And a one, and a two

Daily writing prompt
What’s your all-time favorite album?

Labels can define you. They are not you, but they can place you in time and space, give people inaccurate hunches about who you are, and put actual thought on a snooze alert. So be careful with giving away information about yourself that sticks you in a niche. Admitting that you liked your grandmother’s collection of Lawrence Welk records from the 1960s will have them continually making reference to “Champagne Music,” giggling and asking if you took accordion lessons. Even worse would be revealing the info online – you’ll be showered in junk email offering you intimate bios of Welk, deals on concert videos, and the like.

We all know that such unscientific efforts to plumb the depths of a person are doomed to failure. I prefer graphology myself. A simple sample of your writing will reveal all the characteristics needed to pigeonhole, I mean to reveal a person’s most intimate traits.

Here, let’s try an experiment. Just sign on this line and here where it needs a date. No, no need to fill in the amount line. Of course not! What sort of cad do you think I am…I wouldn’t dream of cashing your blank check. It’s just an experiment in graphology!

And don’t worry; your secret is safe with me. No one shall ever know of your questionable taste in music. Trust me.

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  1. A lot of people in their generation did. One of the other big favorites was Liberace (I understand that his museum recently had to close due to a lack of visitors.”

  2. I caught you as a very different style and followed you. I hope you like my content and follow me in the same way. This would make me very happy and we would grow together 🙂

    Greeting from Turkey🫡🌟

    Please Answer✨

    Murat Kaan Onsel

  3. How telling is it that I knew as soon as I saw the title of this post that it would involved Lawrence Welk? My parents watched his show every Saturday night – religiously – when I was growing up.

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