The Low Down On Logos

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What brands do you associate with?

I feel that people who walk around with little logos on their clothes or huge swatches on their t-shirts must be lacking in commercial acumen or stylistic panache. They may also be groggy from too little sleep and leave home with mismatched socks.

First, you are a giant walking billboard. Don’t you have misgivings about being an advertisement, especially one who paid for the privilege rather than being paid? Second, I feel there is an implication that you have little sense of style and must borrow it from some supposedly elite brand. Maybe try a pony or a wineglass logo rather than that cute crocodile. Explore a bit.

There is more to this you might wish to think about.

Buying my first wreck of a car coincided with a hotly contested election. I eagerly slapped the bumper sticker of my favorite candidate onto the rear bumper and thought little of it until the police stopped me; after giving me a warning rather than a citation, the officer felt free to lecture me on politics and provide some free advice. It ran like this: not everyone agreed with my political stance; some might be aggrieved and even choose to do more than disagree with me. He mentioned that on his police force, a few officers hated my candidate and thought that anyone who agreed with him must be an idiot. They might not just give me a warning but a citation. He said this was free advice; I could take it or leave it. After witnessing a bit wider taste of how people behave when politics becomes a combat sport, I decided to take it.

Brands and branding say a lot about us. I tend to avoid wearing brands. I have a few WoodenBoat hats and a Town Class Sloop hat. They are well-thought-out exceptions to my general rule; I’ve worked for WoodenBoat and Pert Lowell Company( makers of the Town Class sloop) and have a genuine affection for the companies because of personal connection. Otherwise, I avoid being a billboard.

People may evaluate you on your branding. Make it something you feel passionate about rather than placeholders for opinions or other people’s logos.*

*OK, OK, I’ll carve out an exception for Band T-shirts. Sheesh!

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  1. Remember when ‘everyone’ was wearing that little alligator? And then they switched to the ‘polo player’ until **gasp** some other retailer (read: cheaper) came out with a similar logo? No logos for me…except for my Kate Spade bags. She does make quality purses.

  2. I wear Life is Good shirts because they’re often silkscreen with snow and dogs. 😀 And mountains and they fit. My winter coats are Patagonia for three reasons: i believe in the company, they’re appropriate for the climate and I get them used. 😀

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