The Good Boat

The little sloop Pussytoes was to get rechristened. Around the boatyard, we snickered. Who’d want to sail the on the Pussytoes?
A discussion got underway about renaming boats. Spinney put his toes into the water first with an authoritative ” Can’t do it on a Friday, or a Sunday -for obvious reasons!” then Bob chimed in, ” need to unstep the mast and add a new silver dollar onto the mast step.” Winslow nodded sagely and pointed out that the proper libation needed to be poured to Neptunas Rex. At this, Spinney, a church deacon, laughed. I just finished the new banner on the bench. At last, my father-in-law the Cap’n chimed in with the authority of a deep-sea mariner ” Safest to do them all and don’t forget the champagne.”
Thursday at apparent local noon ( as determined by a noon sight shot by the Cap’n) the Pusseytoes sloop got christened the FIZGIG. The honors were done by the bubbly miss Christine a bit of a fizgig herself. She was lighthearted, frivolous, silly, and flirtatious. At age twelve, she captivated the entire yard crew, and not a one had a word to say about who’d sail on the FIZGIG.

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