Life is a series of threads that you twine together. Unless one stands out, folks look at the twine, not the individual strands. The trend is to average things out. It doesn’t mean that the threads don’t continue existing individually, just that they are part of the whole.
Each of us creates the line of our life from the primary threads. If we are wise, we stay aware of the strength and value of the unique parts. For each of us, it’s a bit different: art, craft, poetry, relationships, or a dreamy side to our character.
We forget that the individual strands exist for a reason. We suppress their influences because we suppose that they are childlike, immature, or inappropriate. We patrol the whole against any breach by the components strenuously. We can’t go to the beach and play in the sand with our kids; too childlike.
Daily we hack away at life. We lose ourselves in routine past the point of boredom. Go ahead pull on an individual thread. Watch as the whole unwinds and what once seemed invisibly united become different threads still part of the whole, but now expressing themselves once again. Don’t just admire the castle in the sand. Build one.
As one friend of mine did, you may find that a career as a banker transforms into one as a boatbuilder. Or you could find that writing once again becomes a thrilling part of your everyday life.

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