December and January

Well, it’s December, the shop is a mess. No pictures are allowed. Let’s say that the carving shop in the greenhouse is full of projects getting the oil varnish rub treatment, spoons getting treated with mineral oil, and stuff that has to wait in line for finishing.
The basement shop has cutting boards waiting for sanding and carving, and the bandsaw area needs a good cleaning. While silent now, this afternoon, it’ll be noisy as I prep final items for a show.

In the office, the idea book gets filled with ideas for January. January is prototype month around here. So I spend most of my time doing bad sketches of what I hope will be good projects that will quell the need to pay bills and increase profits. Both months are full of enthusiasm that belies the nature of the winter season. It helps me progress towards spring.

While plans fail, all the planning is sort of fun. It’s interesting when a year later you look at the bad drawings, all the notes, and the first carved prototype, then place it next to the finished product.

Then you grab a coffee, while the snow covers the greenhouse, and say, ” yeah that’s OK, but what if I did this instead?”

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      1. The NE is the only part of the US I’d want to be! I love hearing about Boston from you. I reckon I’d have got on well there, but I only got to NYC.

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