There was a time when I would ring in the New Year with drinks, hugs, toasts, and of course, Resolutions. Would it be Auld Lang Syne without the midnight resolutions? Promises that we’d drink less, exercise more, be more observant, or go to church more often? After a while, I resolved not to resolve. Instead, I decided that I’d think about things a bit more.
I’ve had better luck with this sidewise approach. Comes the end of February, there was less of a grand finale of guilt when I failed to match the brilliant and bright promises of an early New Year’s Day.

So in January, I think about new products for the shop, I don’t create a rigid schedule. I start thinking about the garden while looking through the catalogs. And I think about increased physical activity.

I’ve found that I have a better achievement level with this sidling up alongside goals and objectives. Getting pally with resolutions generates a guilt trip when your overly ambitious plans don’t work out.

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  1. So true, Louis, better keep it simple and realistic, and adjust as needed along the way. Have a very Happy New Year!

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