Ice Cream

Ice cream. Pure ice cream. No, not frozen dessert whatchamacallit with forty different ingredients, some of which are regulated by the EPA; just plain ice cream.

Our pets have the role in the house of determining the quality of the ice cream. Visitors have brought frozen whatchamacallit to the place during cookouts. We’ve watched the cat stick up her nose and walk stiffly away from it. The dog would subsequently sniff it, look inquiringly at the cat, and then use his paws to cover it up. At this point, I get a look from H.I.M Xenia, “Why do you allow such vulgar people into the palace!”

Currently, Xenia’s favorites gets imported from the Pacific Northwest or is local from a neighboring town made simply and fresh. She loves to have several tablespoons and then have a nice catnip toot, a cuddle, and a nap. Ahh, the joys of the simple life.

She has considered allowing these purveyors of quality goods to display a sigil stating that they provide their product by appointment to the Imperial Household. I’ve tried to dissuade her. she stalked off in anger, and I swear I could hear her muttering, ” Pismire, Poltroon, Idiot! What have I done to deserve such a mome* as a seneschal!”

I’ll have to bribe her later with some vanilla ice cream.

  • Mome is a genuinely antique nautical term for a fool. Say it with the proper conviction, attitude, and just a bit of a slur, and it sounds sooooo insulting – now you try it!

6 Replies to “Ice Cream”

  1. I’m a gelato fan myself. My favorite- Lavender. Made right here in the Pacific Northwest. Perhaps H.I.M Xenia might approve?

  2. Our pets are smart. Our last dog, Winston, loved popcorn but real popcorn, he always turned his nose up at the microwave popcorn.

  3. I tend to like any flavour apart from vanilla, strawberry and chocolate. When a restaurant tells me that those three flavours are the ones they have available, my heart sinks.

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