Holidays like Valentine’s Day seem designed to evoke a one-day economic stimulus for the economy, but not our budgets. This all is done in the name of romance.
It seems that in an overpriced card, candy flowers, dinner, or some genuinely elegant and spendthrift way, we show our sweetie just how much ardor we have for them.
Now, this is after months of nattering on about “issues.” These are careless habits, draping underwear on furniture, refusing to wash dishes, or sadistically expressing how un-slender they have become over the winter. Things have gotten so bad by mid-month that you are both thinking about going to a practitioner in family therapy.

Then comes Valentines, and we show them how much we cherish them in one burst of affection.

But following the romantic dinner, we begin to nit-pick immediately on who does the dishes. Somehow we have forgotten that the whole thing is about the pairing. As in we are a pair. We are in this relationship together.

So here is some Valentines advice for couples: Be romantic…do the damn dishes together!

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