For the time being, all but the most resistant of the snow piles have retreated into the darkest and coldest garden corners. This would be a happy prospect. But the rain that washed away the snow revealed all the poles, planks, pots, tools, and general debris left from last year’s gardening.
It’s not really chaos. There are reasons behind why the pots are there. I was called away on another task and forgot them. Those poles and tomato cages were allowed to sit there after clearing out the tomato vines. So see, there is a reason, even if it looks like an abandoned archeological dig with half-exposed artifacts.

Now starts the harried season. It’s not quite warm enough to be comfortable working outside, but you know that all that “stuff” needs picking up so you can start preparing the garden.

Some things have to wait, though. Those items still frozen in place tumble to the bottom of the to-do list, and with frost still in the ground, I can’t spread the wood ashes.

Even though the temperature is not too far above freezing, definitely not a sizzling in the sun day to toss off the work shirt; this stuff needs doing. To put it off too long means more to do when you are ready to put out the spring sugar snap peas, kale, lettuce, spinach, or other early spring crops.

For the non-gardeners among you, It’s also essential to eliminate all that plant waste that you can’t compost because it might contain garden pests eager to eat their way through your young garden.

Inside I am fielding emails from the seed sellers inquiring if I am interested in their new extra special spinach – no, or their blockbuster new tomato? Once again, no. Seeds were purchased in January and February as part of my mental health routine to get through the New England winter.

Now I move on to my next phase, getting ready for spring.

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  1. Oooo, I have been THINKING about gardening with very good intentions… but not DOING it. However, I got one of the nasty things that I don’t like doing done yesterday and it was a serious pain that took four hours…. stupid medical paperwork. “You are really really sick so now we will require four hours of paperwork.” Makes sense?

    1. Remember when HMO meant Health Maintenance Organization, not Health Management Organization? Like me, I am sure you do. The four pages of paperwork are part of the Management…I think they just left the health part in for old times’ sake.

      1. I think the present “Medical Non-System” as one of the other Mad as Hell Doctors calls it, is a nightmare for patients. And our (stupid) local hospital regularly sent people to collections for…. guess how much… thirty dollars. Then they trumpet how much charity care they do. Liars.

      2. I switched out a Steward owned practice because of bad billing. It was a shame in a way because the practitioners were caring, but the administration was grossly incompetent. It seems to be spreading – bad management grows, good management suffers.

      3. I managed my own clinic for a decade with one employee and a biller who came in once a week.

      1. Good thanks. I just finished a two tier planter for a lady in the village. It has horse them with a horse head ornament and horse show. Looks great.

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