The problem with anticipation is not allowing it to keep you waiting. You know the frustration you get while a vital computer program is updating or reinstalling, or while you wait for the basement workshop ( in my case) to warm enough for you actually to get that resawing done? If you are not personally vested in the process, others tend to get reproachful of your anxiety attacks.

I know because I have a wife, three live-at-home kids, and a cat who all wish that I’d get on with something else while waiting. Perhaps go to the carving shop, also freezing, or out to the garden, which is currently part of a howling early spring wilderness. At last, I put on a sweater, coat and drive off to a big box store to look at seed displays, tools, and lumber.

I’m all set on seeds, the tools they have don’t tempt me, and I have a shed full of lumber. So I’m at the big box store to browse, say high to the staff, pet the dogs out supervising their humans on the trip and get my pedometer revved up for the day.

According to the weather forecast, a warming trend starts this afternoon. So I am going home where the garden calls to me, the litter in the yard howls to get picked up, and the cat demands to do her rounds in the garden. The Tomato seedlings are due to be potted up, lettuce needs seeding inside, and of course, those small cherry logs need resawing.

It seems you can quickly turn from anticipation to needing to winnow the necessary tasks into something you can achieve.

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