Fresh Food

I thought I was being wily. But my ordinarily irresistible charms didn’t make mother reach for that fresh can of food. Instead, she tried to serve me from that stuff in the refrigerator! That stuff has was cryogenically preserved last week. I could have drawn her a map to the fresh food in the cabinet!
I’ll shove the plate past the door where father won’t see it.

“Good morning, sweetheart! Did they forget to feed you? Just wait, I’ll get a fresh can.”

It’s pathetic. It’s almost too easy.

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  1. LOL! I add a little water to the cold kitty food and nuke it for seven seconds to warm and freshen it up. Andy seems to like it that way. Some kitties can’t be fooled that way it seems, though.

    1. Hi Doug, we do that too, but it seems like she has a counter on how many times a can gets used. She prefers the stuff in small cans over the cheaper large cans…what can I say she’s a snob in a lot of ways.
      BTW – I hope you are feeling better!

      1. Thanks, Lou! It turned out to be a one-day thing.

        I used to get the 3.5 ounce cans of my kitty boys’ favorite foods, so two cats eating from one can went through it in good order.

        After Dougy died, Andy was prescribed a kitty food for kidney care. It doesn’t come in the smaller cans, just the 5.5 ounce ones. Being a cat, sometimes he isn’t in the mood for that food, so it just sits there and goes to waste. (I never know – sometimes he eats between meals on the dry food and I haven’t noticed it.)

        The water/nuke job helps freshen up the food, especially since it dole it out in ounce or so amounts several times a day for my little darling! A can lasts more than one day, but his kitty eating habits sometimes make it last up to part of three.

        I mostly let Andy determine the kitty food times since I am retired and keep cat hours anyway. At least two feeding times are determined by times I am gone from the apartment on a regular basis or at appointments or social activities and want to make sure I come back home to a kitty boy acting like his stomach isn’t pressed up to his spine. LOL!

      2. Doug, they do a great job of “teaching” us their desired routine.
        We’ve had lots of cats and dogs on the vet’s special diet over the years. and like you had to find a workaround to their finding it boring, distasteful, or disgusting. Our dog Toby insisted on a small amount of treat as a top dressing on the vet’s stuff before he’d eat it – it was a matter of “principal” to him – no treat, no eat.

      3. LOL! I one time babysat a neighbor’s pug (“Ladybelle”) that required you to dish out a spoonful of doggy food from the can, feed her that spoonful, and repeat the process till she was full. Feeding her took a long time, as you can imagine. Another pet I babysat, “Mr. Boots” the orange long-haired tabby, would eat, but then he’d vomit it back up., He missed his family! (“Oh, we should has told you about that. He’d eat it again later if you left it.”) Poor kitty boy! He went several days without food because I cleaned it up as soon as be barfed! Fortunately, Andy has food allergies and chicken is what he can eat without issues. He hasn’t got tired of chicken…yet.

      4. The go-to fowl of choice around here is turkey. You are lucky that Andy loves his chicken, Xenia gets bored with the same old same old even when it’s a favorite.
        I’ve heard of spoon-fed dogs before, but last night I was talking to my daughter about a senior cat who had to be petted while she ate, no pet, no eat.

  2. Ha ha ha. Our two dogs pull that trick on us with treats. Get one from me and then try to tell my husband they hadn’t had one yet.

    1. Yup! Xenia and Sam would double team on us like that too. He liked cat treats, so anything she turned her nose up at, he’d happily add to what he’d been given.

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