The Mid-Morning Nap

I arise when I wish. This morning I have decided to spend my mid-morning nap in the rococo splendor of my sister’s room. I love the tassels that dangle from her lamp. And being that I abhor being chilled, I have commanded her to turn on her heater.

Later I shall have my father accompany me on a promenade of the Imperial Gardens and dictate a chapter of my biography. Let us see, a good title? From Street to Palace? Or, Xenia, her life and times? Oh well, that’s irrelevant. I’ll have father fix it up and edit it later.

While I’m out today, I’ll need to check out the robin’s nest in the cherry tree. Perhaps a nice blue egg has fallen? It wouldn’t take much to nudge the nest down…but father is such an oaf. He spoils all my fun.

Oh, it’s time for my late morning nap now. Well, ta ta for now.

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