A youth misspent is a terrible thing: too many James Bond Movies and the Playboy Philosophy. Absolute ruination, So sad.
Admit it. You aspire to lean back in the leather-upholstered armchair, looking suave and sophisticated as you gaze into the glass of wine. Looking at your lovely companion, you drawl, “it’s a provocative little vintage, but not as profound as the ’99.”

8 Replies to “Provocation”

  1. LOL! And it comes out, “It doesn’t taste like Boone’s Farm. I don’t think I want another glass….” (Honestly, I have no idea what Boone’s Farm tastes like, but I know it had a following in my town among drunks and teens trying to get buzzed.)

    1. Then there was Thunderbird -for the generation just prior to Boone Farms. It oo was a favorite of the cheap wine crowd….shudder!

      1. Ugh! I had a friend who had a liquor store who put the Boone’s Farm, Thunderbird, and other cheap wines on shelves just inside the entrance so the local drunks could come in, get their wine, pay for it, and get out without disturbing the so customers.

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