Too Much Of Nothing

It wasn’t pretty. I woke up with the song echoing in my mindToo Much Of Nothing.

Now, too much of nothing

 Can make a man feel ill at ease

 One man’s temper might rise

 While another man’s temper might freeze

 In the day of confession

 We cannot mock a soul

 Oh, when there’s too much of nothing

 No one has control

It was much too much of a temporal displacement for this early in the morning, 2022, back to 1969. Besides, neither the year nor the song had been favorites. So there were two reasons for being dislocated.

Now I’ll have to live all day with the idiot song echoeing in my ears. What does “we cannot mock a soul. Oh, when there’s too much of nothing no one has control” What does it mean? Blast you, Bob Dylan!

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