One liner Wednesday – Confucius

One of the sayings of Confucius that I learned in Japanese martial arts was that – ” It does not matter how slow you go, as long as you do not stop”

It’s useful for a student to understand that sometimes slowing a process is important to understanding it. But also that speeding through your life is not of any particular value; take time to understand and appreciate the scenery.

3 Replies to “One liner Wednesday – Confucius”

  1. I love this quote. I’m trying to rehab my knee and haven’t been doing well lately — this inspired me to get back on track with my PT. 💛

    1. One of my sensei always used this quote in Judo when I was a kid, encouraging me to go slowly, but never to stop. Forty years later my Iaido ( Japanese Swordsmanship) sensei used the exact same quote. I guess they knew something. I hope the knee rehab goes well!

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