A new inductee to Xenia’s Palace Guard, Max shows off his zippy new dress uniform. H.I.M. Xenia states that she had the design created at a famous couture house specifically to give a new look to the Guard.
Max, like all recruits, feels the new uniform needs tailoring to his physique.
He also awaits concrete confirmation of what sort of remuneration he can look forward to. Dry kibble as morning rations just doesn’t cut it. So he joins a long-established lineage of recruits who complain about boot camp food. But on the other hand, Xenia claims that the glory of membership in such a storied organization should be an ample reward.

The empress has begun to take an active role in training and recruit Max has already learned to keep his nose clear of kitty paws. However, undue familiarity with the Imperial personage has earned young Max several “gentle” rebukes.

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    1. Regrettably, Sam died in November, and after long months without a dog we recruited Max. Xenia is taking affirm clawed paw to his training, but he wants to be her buddy.

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