Variation in 67 words

I’ve never categorized how many basic cuts we have in carving. But we have almost endless variation. We have so much variation because you make a tool do so many different things according to need: slice with a slight roll, stab for a stop cut, and delicately undercut. It’s why, although they own a hundred tools, a carver uses perhaps a dozen tools most of the time.

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  1. Just curious but are all the best tools Swiss-made or is that your preference? This is such a great photo of much-loved tools of the trade.

  2. I still have all of Bob’s lovely old carving tools..Sold the electrical ones but can’t part with the gouges and chisels and other hand ones.

  3. I have about two-thirds Swiss Made by preference. But I also have many restored tools made in the thirties and forties by Prize Metals, Addiss, and Taylor ( designs not available from current toolmakers.). I have about every carving tool I need, and it’s a fraction of what is available. Some carvers – especially those who do specialty lettering- have complete sets in specific sizes and have tools numbering in the hundreds.

  4. All ready for Hallowe’en then? 🤣🤣🤣 Reminds me of when I bought what they said was a pumpkin-carving kit, but it turned out to be a wood-carving kit. I thought it would work just as well, or even better, but it was terrible.

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