What I really thought

I was having one of those counterproductive mornings where whatever I attempted to do got hung up in either someone else’s slowdowns or my lack of ability to concentrate. So finally, around noon, I gave up, closed the office door, put my head back, and drowsed off into a frowsy nap.

You know, the kind where you’re not asleep, but you’re not awake. Then, After a while, your neck starts aching, and you drift back to awareness because the phone is ringing. You need another cup of coffee, but the pot is dry.

“Hello! Yeah, it’s me, oh [it’s the Boss]. But, no, I was so focused on next week’s program that I was distracted [ by your hairy nostrils]. 

So, of course, I’ll pick up some of Todd’s duties on Saturday. He’s one of my favorite people [ whom I’d gladly see go to Hell]. 

No, I’ll have to shift my schedule, but it won’t be a biggy [until my girlfriend finds out you A-Hole!]

I have no problem doing the display over. I know Marty has struggled with it [as she struggles with every other damn thing. Dingleberry!]

That’s brilliant, sir! [The sheer brilliance of your idiocy always astounds me].

I’m looking forward to it! Goodbye.”

I then return to my nap. The single most productive thing I’ll do today.

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  1. haha! How any times did I have this conversation in my head at work? Then smiled and said, “You got it!” Oh, if only we could say so many things out loud. This is great, Lou.

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