The Interview

It sounds like a pop psychology quiz question. It might be designed for the Myers Briggs Stratton test – Oh well, whatever it’s called! So here it is: of what are you covetous? Is it something you desire, already own, or just plain lust for? If I were asked this question at a job interview, I’d do something inappropriate. Roll my eyes and glance lecherously at the interviewer. They’d ask me to leave, and I’d go but give them a long wolf whistle as I left.

I get embarrassed by invasive questions. It’s my built-in, from the family, sense of what is private. It’s how I was raised. But heavens help you if you prod the beast. The beast is the part of me that loves the absurd, slightly obscene, ludicrous, and raunchy. So the beast will climb into your lap, lick your ear, and in a sonorous voice ask, “what will you give me if I tell you?”

Trust me; you’ll wish you’d never let this particular genius out of the bottle. You’ll be standing up, clawing your way towards the door, wishing it were merely an idle snafu. The beast will almost let you run through the door but, at that single strategic moment, will trip you and draw you back into the tiny close little room.

So now, you tell me, what is it that you covet? Don’t like being the tester who gets tested? Is it something you desire, already own, or just plain lust for?

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