2022- Annual Festival of Wood

The Annual Festival of Wood- 2022 has arrived, and as is usual, we are now taking reservations for stackers to come and celebrate with us. Remember that regular exercise is a great way of avoiding a premature obituary. This is an excellent opportunity to get a workout that works for the glutes, lats, pecs, abs, and all other major muscle groups.

John R, of Aberdeen, was with us last fall. This is what he had to say about his “half-chord challenge” ” I was looking for something to break me out of my wimpy Peloton habit. The half-cord challenge was just the thing I needed to help me up my game! You can decorate your walls with wimpy participation certificates or be a real man and stack wood!”
For a limited time, we offer quarter-chord starter packages for those trying to break out of less demanding workout routines.

Our workout is not for everyone, but it’s the smart, sagacious, and challenging choice for the discerning physical enthusiast.

Operators are standing by!

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    1. Normally I would have too. But I had to wait until I could maneuver around and lift without the use of the cane following the hip operation. Normally I try to start in early August. On the other hand the first two cords are almost all cherry, and the next batch is ash with some apple thrown in.

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