Chateau Xenia – April Newsletter

Here at Chateau Xenia, work on the catnip plantation starts early. Delicate paw cultivation, constant supervision of the human “help,” and careful regular testing of the fresh buds are only part of bringing in a new vintage every year.

Chateau Xenia: Massachusetts Gold, Black Cat Supreme, and Col. Clancy’s Finest Kind Bastard Blend. Not just any store boughten nip. New England’s Finest Kind!

Available for discreet and discerning cats only. Accept no substitutes!

5 Replies to “Chateau Xenia – April Newsletter”

  1. HIM has a bespoke catnip plantation? Oh my! Better not let Le Roi know otherwise he’ll be wanting one. And the problem chez nous is that we have poachers!

    1. The stuff grows like a weed in the garden. It is the first thing up in the spring. When we had more outdoor cats in the neighborhood there used to be drunken parties in the old greenhouse that was open. Four AM with drunken cats yowling.

  2. We will be placing an order as soon as the human steps away. We find discretion works best with her.–the Florida cousins

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