New England is picturesque in three of the four seasons. But please note you’ll not find upbeat commercials for springtime in our region unless dour is your thing. Instead, the commercials would entreat you to come and search our woodlands for individual flowers and the rare bush breaking into bloom.
Still, every morning this time of year, I stumble around my wooded garden watching the Canadian ginger slowly unpack its leaves, see the anemones pop above the leaf mulch, and see the green and bronze trout lily leaves emerge, followed by the yellow flower.

There is very little brashly direct about springtime in New England. Instead, it’s slow, subtle, and subdued.

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  1. Reading this, I recalled my 12 or 13 yo self walking through the woods near my home on Cape Cod after the snow had melted -and the smell of the wet leaves underfoot…. good word o’ day – subtle

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