Politeness is a Virtue

Not being oafs, inarticulate brutes of language, or individuals grasping after a more lavish description of what we did in life, we’d merely state that we peregrinate. Yes, it polished up that we were hitchhiking around. We were vagrants, but vagrants with a bit of a flair, some pretensions, and style. We were going somewhere. Somewhere better.

Of course, we stowed the act when stopped by the Fuzz, Police, Constabulary, or whatever. Then it was a simple, “Yes sir, we are leaving your town. No, sir, we are not going to hitch. Yes, sir, we will wait patiently for the bus. Thank you, sir, for not arresting us, sir. Please accept our apology for taking up your time, sir.

Politeness is a virtue.

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