Are You Hip?

A definitively not friend was Arthur. Arthur's view of language was that of a prescriptive grammarian. Most of my English teachers would have failed a course taught by him. On the other hand, I embrace the vernacular in word and grammar and with gusto. While not a precise mapping of English, I've always felt that it pleasantly enhances our life.


Our not-quite friend, John, was a professional con man. How did he qualify to be a not quite friend? Well, I'm not sure that any of us knew. He showed up at a party, joined us for drinks at the Harvard Garden's, and offered free and sound advice on being scammed. Notably, he never attempted to scam us. He was entertaining to have around but difficult to trust for apparent reasons.


The flickering candlelight gave the faces at the table an amber glow. Around the table, an array of blankets created the sense that you were in a tent. Under other circumstances, you might imagine that you were in a fortuneteller's tent at a fair. But this wasn't a surreptitious clairvoyant at work or a Tarot dealing. There wasn't even a Lucky 8 Ball insight.

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