The Gray Menace’s nemesis slunk away into the woods, once again inadequate.
I could open a beer and finally relax. These daily confrontations were harrowing for my wife and irritating to me. The Cap’n took a sort of glee in watching “our team” give it to the Sawyer’s cat. Not that he’d waste too much time on the Gray Menace otherwise. To him, it was a sporting event, a baseball or soccer match. Instead of a silvery trophy, the manager laughed and said, “open a fresh can of food for my boy!”
I walked into the kitchen and grabbed a can of cat food. Walking out back, I hollered out, “OK, dinner time, come and get it, you guys!” Out of the woods stalked Sawyer’s cat and the Grey Menace. Together they sat at the bowl to share the whole can of food. While the daily confrontations were more a fixed wrestling match than a soccer match or baseball game, it was hard work putting on a good show. The daily mummery happened about dinner time, and soon after, the opponents shook paws and enjoyed a hearty repast.
I guess the old saying is true, “The way to get things done is not to mind who gets the credit for doing them.”

3 Replies to “Nemesis”

  1. Well back to the fore Grey Menace.
    I love how it feels like you’re watching sport on TV. Then you realise the battle is between the cats. Well done!

    1. He lived for seventeen and half years, was too smart for his own good, and I really rarely have to embroider his doings. He regularly made friends of his enemies, but they still had display fights. Cats don’t think they own the world and us – they know it.

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