Artists, artisans, and craftspeople wind up filling their spaces. As a result, the walls and floor become littered with drawings, painting, pottery, or carving. Visiting them, you might wonder who does the dusting?

Sometimes it’s a historical journey as you see skill progression and concept development through what’s on display. But to a spouse, it’s the marital equivalent of wishing that an enamored couple get a room – “please get a gallery!”
I’ve had friends who lived with stacks of canvas’, shelves filled with pottery, excess furniture, and fabric with exquisite warp and weft. But to a lifetime teammate, it’s obstructions and impediments to practical interior decor.
A few years ago, after receiving some flak about all the boat show display material piled about the living room, I turned the enclosed porch into a sort of gallery for the items. After that, peace reigned in the kingdom.

Of course, I keep on carving. Where will I place that next giant-sized eagle?

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  1. This sounds like my husband and his computers (retired computer tech). He started to expand beyond his den into the dining room. I reigned that in pretty quickly…😉

    1. Yeah…my wife gave me another “subtle” hint the other night about all the small carvings on shelves…I’ll have to have a word with her about all her cookbooks. Two can play this game, Lois.

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