Folly has gotten a bum rap. I mean, take a look at all the advice people get about the joyful misadventures of youth, “that was just folly; you should have known better.” But, of course, if it weren’t for folly, the studious types would have to petition the heavens for relief from maudlin regrets because their lives were so dull.
Much joy results from folly. And that’s not mentioning much of the unplanned population of the world.

Without a bit of folly, there would be less discovery, less mature reflection on the folly of youth – with a wistful grin on the face.
I’d go so far as suggesting that if there were a severe deficit of folly, it would be imperative to encourage it. Just think of a world of people who were serious and thoughtful all the time. Comedians, brewers, distillers, and rock musicians would be out of work. We’d all listen to the works of Mahler, drink weak herbal tea, only wear sensible clothing, and eat modestly. Oh, and go to bed early and rise at dawn.

I’m not sure about you, but I couldn’t take it long.