River Versus Ocean

Most of us eventually find the need to re-examine our lives. Make corrections, and alter our courses. But, be careful where you seek help in doing this. Unfortunately, almost everyone offering help has a shiny office, clinic, device, or book that promises redemption.

When I was young, they wore long caftans, love beads, or body paint. Now they have books and TV shows. but as one old friend said to me,” it’s the same old snake oil in new bottles.”

Lots of your self-exploration will be along well-worn channels. So I won’t bother you by repeating the tired old quote about never stepping into the same river. Yeah, it’s not the same river or the same you. But here’s a tip. Just below the surface are the ebb and flow of the currents. Some of them can be nasty, and while the contents of the river change unless the bed has altered, it flows through the same terrain – you.

Life coaches, self-help people, and the sort of amateur jerks who think they can guide the uninitiated on psilocybin voyages of discovery all think it nifty that you will swirl in the currents.

Before getting those feet wet, it might not be a bad idea to list those things that are encumbrances. You know- your hangups- the things that go bump in the night when you are left alone and the surrounding roar of family and friends are absent. I mean those times that it is so quiet that you can finally hear yourself think. Because ultimately, you do wind up alone with yourself.

I think it’s more like the unknowable ocean with Behemoth and Leviathan hunting the unwary than a river. The reefs are not charted, and the rips are to be avoided.

What was the old inscription on maps? Here there be monsters? 

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