Dream time

Since my hip operation, my sleep routine has been shattered and episodic. But it has also been filled with dreams. Last night I had an iteration of a familiar dream. I had time traveled in the dream and found myself back in grad school, shudder. I had to come up with a topic for my dissertation quickly. In the dream, I explore and profile alternate topics based on ideas I have already rejected. As the dream proceeds, I somehow transit from grad school to my workshop, and I am at my bench with carving tools, ready to start carving. The difference is that I am now trying to choose the next ship I will carve.

This one woke me up. Grad school dreams usually do. But, this dream ended with a furry presence, Xenia, my cat, attempting to wake me up. She was standing on my chest insisting that my choices were strictly circumscribed. Either get up and feed her, or there’d be a wet cat tongue in my ear.

Being that the much-feared and detested wet willy was worse than a graduate school dissertation committee or standing in the shop wondering what to do, I got up to the sound of satisfied purring.

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  1. Purring! Lucky duck! From 3 to 63, I had cats.. It’s dull without at least 1 — our mail lady doesn’t jump nearly as high when I surprise her around the corner. 😉 Xenia is lovely.

  2. My cat Andy sits outside by bedroom door on a cat tree until he senses I am awake. Good kitty! Andy hops on my bed then and carefully walks around me, stops next to my face, then just looks at me until I acknowledge his presence.

    Sometimes he purrs softly in anticipation of the head and ear rubs I often give him till I sit up and get out of bed. If I don’t rub his head and ears while I’m in bed, he runs ahead of me when I get out of bed and hops on his cat tree, where I finish the ritual rubbing.

    All said, it certainly beats the wakeup ritual of the late Louie the ginger kitty, who’d hop on me, walk the length of my body, hop down next to me face, and stick his kitty butt in my face unless I wisely pushed his butt away from me!

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