Good Taste, or Tastes Good?

The world is full of boundary lines. Territories are mapped and defined by rules that people create. As a result, they can be gratifyingly obscure, like societies in which membership gets restricted to membership in the descendants of the Mayflower or a Confederate Army veteran.
Having been excluded as a young man from many exclusive groups, I became somewhat of a specialist on reasons of exclusion: Just not the right sort of person, wrong class, wrong ethnicity, too poor, or my personal favorite, too coarse.

I found that I was so rarely in with the in crowd that I affirmed, proudly, that I was in with the out crowd. We are a sort of “Flavor of the Day” group, but hey, if you didn’t like chocolate coconut orange cream too bad.

Select group exclusionary principles have existed since the first Cromagnon established a hunting group that excluded his Neanderthal cousin Charlie. Snobby societies since have followed likewise.

But that’s OK; I have no interest in membership in groups proud of their genocidal ancestors or ancestors who were insurrectionists.

The “Flavor of the Day Club” has lofty principles and only wishes to exclude those peons, those lower orders, incapable of appreciating Apricot sushi ice cream. After all, good taste is universal…except when it’s not. We are currently accepting nominations for membership. Those without proper credentials need not apply.

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