The Back Shop

Since I was young, I’ve placed a large amount of credence in the ability of my pre-conscious mind to assist in solving problems and aiding creativity. I’m not a psychologist, so my definition of how this works, or how to define it may not be theirs. I view it as a sort of back shop where all the heavy lifting gets done. A problem arrives, and the guys in the back shop gather around, look at it, kick it, wonder what the hell the guy out front is thinking, say, “sheesh! Not again!” and proceed to solve the issue.
I don’t view it as a sort of cleft in the rock from which solutions gush. Nor can the back shop rest on its laurels for a perfect job done all the time.
You’ve probably driven by businesses where they are proudly displaying banners that read ” 495 days with no lost-time injuries.” Not so in my back shop. They have been more than a few smashed thumbs and screwtape ideas sent forth.
All that being said, the back shop has written some of my better posts, solved thorny personal issues, and worked hard in the shop to enhance my limited artistic talents. Most of what they patch together needs polishing by the conscious. There is a sort of berserk nature to what the back shop does, so I must be careful about blissfully letting some of the more manic offerings loose without proper inspection.
But here we go…OK, folks…take a bow – hey you Charlie – pull up your trousers. You can’t take them anywhere in public.

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