A Winter Evening

A rainy day

Mixed precipitation in coastal New England means that the rain changes from rain to freezing rain to snow and back again. Oh, Joy! Little matches the thrill of oncoming disaster as you lose traction and sail towards the cold waters of the cove. If you are lucky, the plow driver sanded the roadway, and you skid into a guard rail. Not the water.

Later you call one of the Selectman and complain about the plow operator, but know that there is little to be done; it’s his brother.

Around this time, the power goes out, and the family fetches the candles out and the old Alladin kerosene lantern. Dinner is prepared in the semi-darkness and eaten by the woodstove.

After dinner, The Cap’n and Cora, your in-laws, proclaim that it was time to play your least favorite game – cribbage. You get drafted to play with the Cap’n. The rest of the family gossips about what’s happening in town these days. From what little can be gleaned at the store, and gas station, it seems that Earl Gray will run for Selectmen again. You mutter about the damn plow operator under your breath.
You are badly beaten at cribbage by the Cap’n. You are perplexed; everyone knows that you hate cribbage. So why are you always the one to play with the Cap’n? Especially since he gets mad that you play so badly.

Meanwhile, under the table, your cat stalks tapping toes and idle feet but gradually gets lured to the spot he loves in front of the woodstove.

The lights come back on at nine o’clock, and everyone goes off to bed. Joining the cat in front of the stove, you wonder what’s going on in Boston or New York. Looking out the window not a light is showing in the houses below. All that can be seen are the navigational lights of a vessel offshore.

4 Replies to “A Winter Evening”

  1. I guess I had a similar father-in-law who we always played bridge with until late. He was usually telling me what cards I should have played when after each game was over. He had the ability to know what each player held in their hand😳🤨

  2. I love cribbage. Always played with my dad Sunday mornings. Help me with my math skills too as a young one. Not sure I’d win against your former father-in-law however. I think my mom would have made a good match for him though. She hates losing more than she likes winning.

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