Tour Guide

Time travel is a risky proposition. Forget about stepping on a crucial ant or interfering with Granpa. No, I mean real trouble. You don’t speak the language. You visit New York and don’t know how natives jay-walk. You ask for directions to Times Square, and for the fun of it, some smart kid from the Heights sends you to Canarsie (hey, he looks a lot like me!). Worse, you sit down in the wrong part of Central Park and get clipped for your money; They beat the lovin’ stuffing out of you when they see that your wallet is full of funny plastic cards and funny money. It’s 1963, and having “mugging money” on you is a wise proposition.

But, Hey! you want ‘a see the sights? No problemo. If you got the DeLorean, I know a man who can get us the Flux Capacitor. I know all the good bars, dives in the East Village, and those strange shops near Times Square. Sure, that’s me, Carreras’ Guided Tours. Best deal outside of 1970 – but you don’t wanna go there; too rough.

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