Hi, It’s Me

Hi, it’s me. Xenia. Father took mother to the cafe, so I got on the computer. These new touch ID pads are so great. While he was setting up the new computer, I snuck up and recorded my paw print while licking his ear. Watch out, world!

It’s been a busy day for me. It started about three this morning with me doing my warbling “I’ve got a mousie” song. I went from room to room and loudly let them know how wonderful I was. They all had to be careful where they put their feet this morning. They had no idea where I dropped my prize!

Nobody volunteered at 4:30 to feed me. I sang a few arias in the stairwell, but it wasn’t until six that my sister grudgingly got up to open a can of food. I’ll fix her wagon. I’ll drop my next mousie on her pillow! As a cat, I can’t spend all my time resting, just twenty hours or so.

The morning was hectic. The squirrel has knocked over the bird feeder on the side porch, and I watched for hours as the sparrow, juncos, and titmice flirted with destiny only inches from my teeth. But, father, that ass, refused to open the door. Doesn’t he know that thinning the flock makes the surviving birds smarter? Hasn’t he ever read Darwin? Allowing the slow birds to survive will have a debilitating effect on the breed!

Later, a flock of robins and cedar waxwings came through and cleaned the berries off the mountain ash tree. What an exciting sight! All that meat…I mean lovely birds flying about.

If I had the opportunity to leap at them more often, I might catch them. Then my father, that jerk, wouldn’t joke all the time about how I’ve never been able to catch a bird. Of course, I can’t help it if I’m big-boned.

Well, they are due back soon and I think I have comprised all I need to say. Father is not the only one capable of reading the word prompts!

TTFN: It’s nap time for me; it’s been a strenuous day.

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  1. Hi Xenia–It’s your Florida cousins Parker, Piper and Pumpkin. Wow! What an exciting morning you’ve had!! Our big excitement has been that’s it really cold here in the Florida Panhandle. Not cold cold, but Florida cold, so the two cats that have 24/7 access to our garage have been brought into the house. What??!! Luckily, one is a male (my mom and our neighbor had him ‘fixed’ a few years ago), so no worries there! 😹 We like him a lot. Well, Parker doesn’t, but she’s kind of old and cranky. The other one is female and pretty skittish. What’s not to love about us?? So weird. We’ll be watching for you online, Xenia! Stay sharp!!

    1. Too bad about the cold! If it gets colder around here H.I.M was thinking of an imperial tour to here southern provinces held by Dukes and Duchesses of Florida.

  2. The line about only resting for 20 hours made me laugh, especially since my cat was snoring on the couch next to me as I read it.

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