High Fashion

Snazzy was a jazz and hipster term that escaped from the reservation and made it into everyday talk. But like so many words of its kind, it doesn’t quite fit with so many other style pronouncements.
I know that elegant is uncomfortable in the presence of snazzy. Snazzy is too casual, flippant, and every day. Although it’s probably from the late twenties or early thirties, many other fashion terms would love to see it isolated because it hasn’t aged well, unlike them.

So snazzy probably belongs relegated to Jazz Era musicals, period movies on rabid gunsels in the thirties Chicago, or descriptions of bad couture for retired musicians.

It’s a sad end for a style term that once had great potential. It almost makes me dewy-eyed.

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    1. A line in a movie my kids loved went, ” can you deny the snazzy of that?” You are correct I am a dude, and thank you for understanding Lois!

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