Random Pieces

Diversity of products can be the game’s name when you are seeking to keep the volume of sales up as a woodcarver. A wide variety of products has always seemed to work for me.

The little laser engraved sign didn’t cost much for me to make or sell, but it caught customers’ eyes at a show. Of course, you could say that I filched the idea from the sign that leads this post, but from what I’ve heard, the idea has been around for a long time.

Another small piece that drew attention was this small carved breadboard. It is just the right size for a nice boule. The bread may have been made from a humble cereal, but resting on this distinctive board, it becomes something special. I often make my breadboards from maple, but this one has a large amount of flair thanks to the graining pattern of the ash from which I carved it.

I don’t find it fun to do just one thing, and I like to mix it up. A practical concern is that while you wait to attract lucrative commissions, you still have to pay bills. So the little stuff matters; it provides the cash flow that keeps the lights on in the shop.

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  1. The breadboard looks really nice! I once knew a woodcarver and I asked him, don’t your hands hurt from gripping the carving tools all day and he said, “A whittle.” (You’ve probably heard that a million times)

  2. Cramps and tendonitis are occupational risks for professional and recreational carvers. It’s important to know when to stop and do something else for a while rather than risk injury. Also not all tools are ergonomically well made, so they end to hurt more – which is where whittling does come in! knives often have terrible handles that hurt the hands.

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