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I like wandering, and I love re-discovering old haunts and being surprised when I visit new places nearby that I’ve missed in my wandering. It keeps me feeling engaged, happy, and in tune with the world.

I’ve spent some time this last year touring around New England and viewing the public artwork installed on the streets, squares, and alleys. What I’ve seen ranges from the sublime to the ridiculous.

 I’ve decided that public art offers an interesting gauge of how involved the community is in offering itself up to visitors and engaging residents. Art is a good way of gauging how versatile, diverse, and culturally enriched a community is.

So here are some of my picks:

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    1. In the past decade I’ve noticed that public art has moved away from abstract items to murals and pieces that the general public can relate to. It’s a trend that I like.
      I love absurd and surrealistic stuff, too. but I’m not too much of a fan of the totally abstract in public art. Public art is for the people, not art critics.

      1. I have an acquaintance who has had some art school education. She said to me once, “What’s your obsession with reality?” I just smiled politely and thought, “You think you just said something smart, but you didn’t.” It’s the rare work of abstract art that will speak to people. Kandinsky speaks to me, but maybe not everyone and it’s not because of some dumb theory of art. It’s because of something I can’t even explain. Reality is weird enough as it is.

    1. I am beginning to discover that many cities and towns a developing a taste for prominent public art. It stimulates the art community, attracts visitors and makes residents view their community in a positive light.

      1. Yes. But as you noted, so much of it is abstract. I love the sneaky art, like the woman’s midriff peeking out under the curb. Now, because you inspired me, I’m going to be on the lookout.

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